Experience Wicklow Gaol like never before! Travel on a journey through time and get a taste of the 1798 Rebellion, the famine era and the War of Independence through the eyes of Gaol inmates… and meet many an imposing character along the way.

Meet Mr. Simpson the jailer, Mary Storey the Matron, Kay Farrell the Rebel and some of the wretched paupers and political prisoners who were kept within these walls.

Embark on an immersive virtual reality experience. Visitors are kept in the centre of the action as these stories unfold.

Feel the History

The visitor leaves with a special insight into the history of the jail, the region and indeed Ireland.


The paranormal realm and its ghostly inhabitants open their Virtual Reality doors along the journey, giving a glimpse into the strange activities that have earned the Gaol the title of “Ireland’s Most Haunted Building”.

Scene by Scene

Act 1: 1798 Rebellion Our guide to act one is the corrupt jailer, Mr Simpson. As he scours the overcrowded jail for a space for you, the latest prisoner, we see and learn about the horrific conditions in the jail at this time. We also meet John Byrne, a United Irishman, captured in the aftermath of the battle of Arklow. As John Byrne prepares to meet his fate, we ‘flashback’ to the battlefield outside the town walls of Arklow, where we get a glimpse of his part in the 1798 rebellion.

Act 2: The Famine and Prison Reform It’s 50 years later and the matron of the jail is our guide for this act. She is saddened to see a former prisoner, 25-year-old Mary Byrne, back again and as she leads Mary through the prison we see that conditions have radically changed, as Wicklow Gaol evolved to comply with new reforms that were sweeping across the British Isles. Despite the reforms, the jail remains a cruel and harsh environment, and for many, it is a gateway to Van Diemens Land, which is the sentence that awaits young Mary.

Act 3: The Civil War More than 70 years later and Ireland is once again in the grip of civil unrest. Our guide in this act is Kay Farrell, a nurse who sympathises with the anti-Treaty prisoners being held in Wicklow Gaol in the earliest days of the Irish Free State. Our visitor is an accomplice is in a daring escape in the final days of the jail..

Epilogue: The Paranormal Wicklow Gaol is rich with stories of ghosts and spirits that still roam its walkways and cells. As our experience draws to a close, visitors will once again meet the cruel jailer form Act 1, and learn how he is damned to haunt it for eternity.

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