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Diocletian's Dream VR, Croatia


On the Dalmation Coast of Croatia is a town called Split. It is a popular tourist destination, with clear water and sunny skies. But it isn't only the beautiful weather and wine that attracts. As Western Europeans would call it, the 'old town' of Split is unique.

The entire centre of this historical area is in fact, a preserved Roman Palace. It was Diocletian's retirement home, today filled with winding streets and alleyways. It is a not-so-hidden gem that attracts circa 75,000 visitors a month on average.

Palace Productions commissioned Emagine to bring Diocletian's 1700-year-old story back to life in a historical film re-creating the early 4th century Roman Empire. And as it is said, the rest is history.

Minute VR Experience
Unique Emperor
Year-Old Palace 3D Rendered
Months Production
Meticulous Research

Emagine worked with local experts charged with the conservation of the old town of Split to get beneath the surface of its history. We constructed a detailed map and 3D model of Diocletian's Palace, faithfully restored and brought to life.

For All Audiences

The script was written and translated into five languages to accommodate as many Mediterranean visitors as possible. We also wrote the original soundtrack and score to accompany the movie.

To book a visit to Diocletian's Dream click here. To read more about how people rate the project, visit their TripAdvisor page.

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