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King of the Vikings


This Virtual Reality experience is a unique offering and the first of its kind anywhere. It is an experience completely crafted in-house by Emagine’s engineers and designers; from logo to trailer videos, to the script and soundtrack, we did it all.

There is a place for both experiential and academic learning in the education sphere. It is said that learning only has good lasting effects when learners have the desire to absorb knowledge.

King of the Vikings delivers stories and historical fact through the medium of VR in an immersive, engaging and entertaining way, where people are learning about the history of the Vikings without even knowing it.

Designing for VR

Breaking the rules of traditional film making

When working with new technologies such as VR, there is always going to be challenges. From a creative sense, this medium is still evolving and the team needed to think and adapt ideas on a daily basis.

This involved getting traditional script writers and videographers to think outside their usual constraints. This freedom was embraced. We could create a world in 3 dimensions, we were able to build an immersive experience that breaks the rules of traditional film making and design.

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