Immersive Learning

Emagine designs impactful training & learning experiences using VR & immersive technologies for corporate learning & development teams.

Immersive Learning

At Emagine we understand that the knowledge level of employees is an important cornerstone to any successful organisation. The way the corporate world is training it’s workforce is changing. Companies are transforming the way their team learns & upskills by using virtual reality & immersive learning to educate & train.

People learn by doing and by experiencing - and the benefits of immersive learning in training & education are well proven with learners reporting 257% more confidence than traditional classroom methods. (PWC, 2020)

At Emagine we create immersive learning & VR content and are adept at emotionalising the training environment for a more engaging and memorable event for the user. This makes our immersive and VR learning solutions a strong tool to aid traditional learning & retention methods.

Combining technical expertise and cinematic storytelling techniques, Emagine’s immersive learning content is designed at an executive level increasing the users learning & interactivity, promoting memory retention.

If you can imagine it - Emagine can create it.


  • Custom Programming
  • Hard Skills VR training
  • Immersive training solutions
  • Immersive learning programmes
  • Learning systems design process
  • LMS integrations
  • Soft Skills VR training
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